My LIttle Boy@FIFI

he like to eatn alfafa hay~

he like to sleep in his sweet home in the day time~

he like me to pet n massage his head,he will making sounds like motors's engine starting.~

he like to bath v shower heads in the basin,he like to play the water when u shower his stomach~

he like to go travelling,everytime i say 'go go'he will standing n wait me to pick up him~

he like to eat carrots exspecially baby carrots,he can finish one baby carrots in 15 minutes~

he like to eat snack but the prefer is dry apple snack~

he like to make different sounds when he meet new frenz~

he like to turn rounds when he excited n happy~

he like to screaming when he want to eat more treats~

he like to eat fruits pudding~

he like to eat n sleep more~

and now he getting fat n fat....oh~~my god~

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here's my little boy~

he making my life sweet n memorable~

wish him always stay healthy n happy~

love u, fifi~forever~

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Great Guinea Pig he's so happy

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