Hi, my name is Tori and I have a guinea pig named Oxnard, the pig in my avatar pic. I'm here to help you guys and to make some new friends! (-:3

Oxnard2698's friends' files

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Hamster Charm

Hamster Club 219 days ago (30 Downloads)

Cute Hamsters

Hamster Club 363 days ago (160 Downloads), Comments (2)

The Hamster Charm

Hamster Club 389 days ago (49 Downloads)


Hamster Club 430 days ago (216 Downloads), Comments (2)

Happy New Year 2014!

Hamster Club 430 days ago (634 Downloads)

Hamster Bear

Hamster Club 581 days ago (29 Downloads)

Roborovski Hamster

Hamster Club 645 days ago (46 Downloads), Comments (2)

Guinea Pigs And Hamsters

Hamster Club 645 days ago (43 Downloads)

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